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Black Belt Hall of Fame

This section is dedicated to our dedicated. These students have put in many hours, taken many falls and have earned the prestigious rank of Black Belt.


David PlantDavid Plant

Senior instructor David Plant has been an aikidoka since 1995 when his daughter, Chloe, wanted to learn karate. During his childhood he had studied judo off and on with his father who ranked yondan in Japan. Sensei Plant was apprehensive about having his daughter learn karate but noticed a dojo that taught judo and some other martial art called aikido. Fascinated by watching aikido, he enrolled soon after his daughter and has been involved with the Cultural School ever since. He recieved his shodan Aug. 28, 1999, his nidan Aug. 23, 2003, and his present rank as sandan Aug. 20, 2005. Sensei Plant enjoys studying aikido and teaching children, adults and weapons classes at the Cultural School.




Richard PolichettiRichard Polichetti

Sandan Richard Polichetti is a Senior Instructor at Ken Ota's Aikido with Ki Cultural School.

Richard began teaching kids class in 1999 and received his Shodan rank in 2000 and his present rank of Sandan in January of 2006. Richard teaches Kids, Adults, Ki, and Weapon techniques. Richard is very proud to have all three of his children enrolled- and even their mom has a rank of blue belt.




Ben LemmexBen Lemmex

Shodan Ben Lemmex has been an akidoka since 1989. He has spent many years away from the dojo but always kept the Ota training in the forefront of his mind, returning to receive his shodan December 2008. Ben enjoys working with all levels of Aikido students and for several years has been a student instructor of Ota sensei's ballroom dance class.




Tanya PlantTanya Plant

Tanya Plant has been involved in aikido since 1995 soon after her daughter and husband started. Tanya received her shodan Jan. 15, 2005. She has a lifetime of studying and instructing classical ballet which is part of what attracted her to aikido due to aikido's fluid movements and focus on timing. In the past she has aided in instructing the children's classes and kiatsu classes with Ota sensei. Her main interests lie in weapons training and kiatsu.




Chloe PlantChloe Plant

Chloe Plant has studied aikido and judo since 1995 and ballroom dancing in her early teens with Ota sensei. She is noted for having a gentle and flowing technique in both aikido and dance. She received her shodan Jan. 15, 2005 at the age of 15