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Grass ImgeImportance of Teaching Aikido to Children

The future of all of our society, our way of life, and ultimately our planet is in the attitudes, perspectives, and abilities that we as adults bestow upon each of the children in our lives, especially in today's incredibly fast-paced world. A child's path toward growing up is filled with vast challenges and vast opportunities. These challenges include:

  • Becoming confident
  • Becoming capable
  • Building a healthy sense of self-esteem, community
  • Willingness and ability to help and teach others
  • Discipline and appreciation of the value of same
  • Ability to focus and willingness to sacrifice in the short term to work towards worthy goals

Kid's Aikido offers a powerful tool to teach this to children. Giveing children a real experience of Aikido at a young age may give them profound gifts for the future and all the people they will touch... in ways we'll never know. Most importantly, the future of Aikido does in many ways rest within our children. The manner and effectiveness with which we can pass along real, effective, fun Aikido to children will have a significant effect on the way Aikido grows and is practiced in the future.