Aikido with Ki is a refined, graceful and effective martial art. It stresses the use of coordination of mind and body and the centering of one's self. In learning Aikido, there is no competition or sparring as you will find in other martial arts. The students work together to improve as a whet stone does with the knife, teaching kindly and with patience.

Everyone can benefit from the confidence of knowing you are ready for any eventuality. This is particularly true for women.

Most of our students find that Aikido has helped them in many areas of thier lives, including stress reduction, self control, self confidence, discipline, weight loss, and general well-being.

For the young student these charcteristics are even more important. And Aikido, along with healthy support from their parents, can give the developing youngster an extra boost in the game of life.

While learning these arts - Aikido with Ki, and Judo - our students develop patience, courtesy, and acquire top physical condition. They learn respect for others; especially parents, teachers, and the law. This helps them have self respect, which is very important. Our students learn to take pride in their accomplishments and realize the importance of humility and the art of loving their fellow man. Improved self esteem and a positive attitude are the end results.

We invite you to come join us and see for yourself the tremendous power and strength gained through mastery.